Episiode 1: Where our heroes fail their persuasion rolls …

Descending the stairs into the crypt, the crew encounter Lord Priest Symond Jara and his acolytes, royal protectors Bail and Amos standing behind an altar pulsating with an odd blue glow.

Behind the room’s residents stands a three panel bass relief wall. On the right, an image of an obviously power female spell caster,  her arms raised, casting forth a glow of healing power over her subjects. On the right, what appears to be the same caster, arms raised, casting forth a baneful blight over her subjects, now appearing as the walking dead. In the middle, a swirl of chaos and magic separates the two.

Failed negotiations lead to what could truthfully be the only possible outcome and the three reveal their true forms – undead guardians of the place.  The groups engage in combat, skeletons pouring from rooms on either side of the chamber. Ultimately victorious, they sits to rest and regain their strength, healing those among them who lay battered from the battle.