Pre-Episode 0 … questions to be answered.

(DM Note: I decided to start the campaign with some foreshadowing questions to provide possible fodder down the line …)

Why was the Storm King directing his forces toward the Stronghold of the Gargoyle Countess? What’s the name of Storm King’s second-in-command?

To which Hrolth replied, “The Storm King rides to recover a weapon, his deputy Dragger by his side.”

Vilurian , at the last Commemoration of High Day, you committed a now-legendary faux pas. What was it?

“I had the misfortune of walking in on the High Lord as he was … pressing himself … against the High Septum,” he explained. “A quick leap through a window and I made away.”

Vaudin, centuries ago your family’s ancestral weapon, Luminous Vengeance, was lost. What type of weapon was it and how was it lost?

Remembering the tales told for centuries by generations of his family, Vaudin shared that, “Our two-headed war hammer,  beak on one side, claw on the other.  It was lost by the expedition sent into the Highlands to seek out my family as they were forced to make their way to lower ground.”

A few years ago Ruric offended the head of the Thieves Guild in the Floating City of Caleah. What is his or her name and what did you do?

Smiling mischievously, Ruric recalled ignoring the romantic overtures offered by the head of the guild, Avlye, choosing instead her ginger-haired second-in-command, Sasha. “I always was fond of the redheads,” he said, laughing.