Episode 0, Part 1: Where our party enter the sunny vale …

  1. Our four friends met through battle on a field filled with orcs.
  2. As they realized the battle wasn’t going their way – a fact made obvious by the every increasing number of adversaries – they realized discretion was the better part of valor and decided to flee in the direction of their destination, the Knotted Oak.
  3. As they ran, descending the mountain, they lost their pursuers, eventually coming upon a man-made path that led into a sunny vale, a “bowl” inside the center of the hostile mountain range.
  4.  Vilurian, fearing for the safety of the residents, tried to warn them. But his alarm was met with curiosity, mirth and a child who teleported out of the Dark Elf’s grasp.
  5. Ruric, tried to determine if any presence of the fae was detectable. Oddly enough, despite fae magic existing across the world, there was an absolute dearth of it in the valley.
  6. Hrolth, tired of the party’s efforts to learn more of the strange valley decided his time was best served entering the Knotted Oak.

Next up … the Knotted Oak, new opportunities and a new benefactor.