Episode 0, Part 2: Where our party decides it’s all about the Benjamins

Our party gets closer to beginning their relationship with their new employer.

  1. They agree to their first assignment, despite being informed by Benefactor 43 that prior to every job they will only be told of the goal, but not who is paying their employer for the job.
  2. Payment, starting at 250 g.p. per mission and increasing as the difficulty increases, will be provided in whatever form they want.
  3. Additional perks include medical treatment, room and board. The latter coming in the form of houses of of their own choosing.
  4. Before beginning, Benefactor 43 handed each a leather bracer, a strange glyph embossed on its side and glowing orb, strange lightening courses though its inside.
  5. Stepping through the portal took them to an abandoned keep/watch tower, sitting in the middle of a barren land extending as far as the eye can see.
  6. Outside of the keep stood six massive, ancient statues facing out and keep watching across the landscape. But whether guarding against those coming in or going out was unknown.
  7. Stretching  between the statues was multicolored shards of light, barriers to the entrance of the tomb.
  8. A quick flick of a wrist and the skeleton keys known as “thieves tools” opened the way, down into the crypt.
  9. Unknown to our party, a mysterious figure peered at them from the shadows as they passed through the portal. “My Lord,” said the figure, “It begins …”