In comparison to other, similarly sized villages, Grayberry would be considered unremarkable save for three, quite noticeable quirks.

The first is its location: Nestled in the valley of the Alterdan Mountain range, access to Grayberry is best described as challenging. Known as much for its treacherous, jagged peaks as for the multitudinous tribes of orcs, hobgoblins, trolls and other equally nasty creatures that dot the range’s countless caves as for the brutal snow storms that plague the mountains preventing access by air. Travelers are forced to brave narrow, icy paths in hopes of reaching the village alive.

Second are the berries from which the village gets its name. Found only in the fertile ground surrounding the village’s 200 or so residents, the fruit is prized for its use in rich, deep gray dyes, medicinal poultices and, most of all, the realm-famous, highly intoxicating, odd-colored Gray Beer, the brewing process kept secret by the town’s brewmasters.

But it is the third unique characteristic of the village of Grayberry that most differentiates it from the hundreds of other villages that dot the continent of Aramuk: The Knotted Oak. Continue reading Introduction